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Why You Should Recycle Used Paint
January 14, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of a South Florida apartment building using recycled paint.

When you DIY your interior or exterior paint project, your choices are to run out of paint early or end up with leftover paint. Half-full paint cans will crowd your basement or garage for years to come. It's tempting, rather than let half-empty cans of old paint collect dust in storage, to throw them away with your regular weekly garbage. Even high-quality latex paint is still a threat to the environment. Over time, in a landfill, paint cans filled with leftover paint will seep chemicals into the soil and eventually the water table that are harmful to plants, animals, and people. Instead, consider recycling your used paint for these four reasons, or avoid leftover paint entirely by working with a hometown paint company next time you're painting your home or business.

You can help save resources and make new products.

Depending on where you donate used paint, it can fulfill various purposes in its second life. Some gallons of paint can be re-tinted to darker colors, saving the energy it takes to make new paint.

However, even dark colors that can't be retinted or paint that's expired or dried out can still be recycled. Companies can use that old paint to make new waterproof coatings, plastic products, or concrete. Anytime you donate paint, you're preventing the consumption of raw materials.

Reduce waste in landfills.

Most of us don't think twice about the trash we create once it's taken away by a garbage truck. But landfills are continually growing larger, and sometimes the dump can't contain a community's garbage. Trash finds its way into the oceans and across nature.

Recycling is a way to reduce the amount of garbage in landfills. While it may not feel like much, every little bit is a step towards a zero-waste planet.

Provide new paint to someone who needs it.

New paint may not feel like a luxury to everyone. For those who can't afford it, leftover paint can help make a new apartment feel like home, add style to second-hand furniture, or spruce up a house's exterior.

There are many programs across Florida where you can donate your paint in good condition to someone who needs it.

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Protect the environment.

When the paint dries out and deteriorates in a landfill, it can release chemicals into the air and ground that severely damage nearby ecosystems or the ozone. Especially now, it's crucial to keep as many toxic compounds out of the environment as possible.

Recycling paint is a simple way to do your part to address the threat of harmful chemicals ending up in landfills and then the environment.

Hire a painting company that cares about the environment to handle everything.

One way to save yourself the hassle of leftover paint and what to do with it is to hire professional painters. They calculate the exact amount of paint necessary for a job, mixing the correct amount of a single color.

Then, they'll handle recycling anything leftover in an eco-conscious way. You get a fresh-painted house without the stress of old paint in your basement or garage.

UCI Paints in South Florida helps homeowners recycle paint during renovations and remodels.

We're a hometown paint company that uses specially formulated paint to survive the humidity and heat of South Florida. We deliver exceptional service for our clients, whether we're painting a single room or doing a complete repaint on a building's exterior. Our range of services includes color consultation, exterior painting and waterproofing, paint inspection, and Dekotek classes. As a family company, we take pride in delivering results that exceed our clients' expectations every time.

We offer eco-friendly products and procedures for environmentally conscious home and business