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Why buy from a local paint manufacturer?
November 22, 2022 at 5:00 AM
Image of a lifeguard hut painting bright orange and red because they used a local paint manufactuer.

Quality matters whether you’re buying a single gallon of paint or refinishing the exterior of a commercial office park. It comes down to the type of paint and the manufacturer. Your first instinct might be to go with a national manufacturer and a brand name you recognize. For reliable results, especially in Florida’s humid climate, entrust your property to a local paint manufacturer.

Here are a few reasons you get high-quality, long-lasting paint products and applications from a Florida paint company.

Avoid supply chain issues.

Global supply chains haven’t yet recovered from the disruption of COVID-19. Labor shortages and increasingly extreme weather events can cause shipments to be delayed for weeks, leaving paint contractors without clear timelines to finish projects.

Even DIY-ers painting their own homes may struggle to find the premium paint products they want in big box home improvement stores.

Local paint manufacturers, by comparison, formulate and sell their products from a single location. They can provide their full range of products for consumers and offer insight into when they restock and manufacture paint to order, so contractors always have enough for the entire job.

Save on retail and distribution costs.

Every time a product passes through a distribution chain or retail establishment, the cost