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Why buy directly from specialized paint manufacturers?
January 30, 2022 at 4:00 PM
Image of painters working on the outside of a lilac colored home exterior

In the past, getting specialized paint and coatings meant going through wholesalers and licensed distributors. Thanks to the internet, the supply line has been shortened and it’s now possible to obtain what you need directly from the paint manufacturers.

Is this ultimately better? We’ll let you decide. At UCI Paints, we want to make sure you have all the facts so you can make informed decisions about your painting project needs. Here’s what you need to know.

What are specialized paints & coatings?

Specialized paints are tailor-made to deliver optimal aesthetic value and protection based on the specific needs of the material. So you can have specialty coatings for wood materials, concrete surfaces, roofs, and so on.

This definition does sound similar to that of regular paint. However, the distinguishing factor here is the level of customization involved in specialized paints. For instance, in a hot and humid environment, specialty coatings for roofing systems might include additives that have been specially formulated to increase their heat resistance.

Other specialized paints and coatings include additives to achieve slip-resistance on floor surfaces and special sealers designed to cover lead paint in older homes.

What are the benefits of direct purchasing?

1. Generally lower costs

At every stage of the supply chain, middlemen add their profit margins. There are also taxes and other expenses to consider. All of these are reflected in the final sales price.

Since you’re buying directly from the source, you can usually get the products at lower costs compared to if you were buying from a distributor. This allows you to avoid all those extra profit margins and added costs from distributors and dealers.

2. Better customer service

Many distributors don’t have the authorization to deal with issues themselves, so if you contact them, they have to take it up with the manufacturer. By dealing directly with the manufacturer, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get in touch, should there be a problem with the product.

3. Tailored solutions

Sometimes your painting project requires specific solutions. For instance, a housing association may request a specific range of colors for its neighborhood. The paint manufacturers have higher knowledge and a better understanding of the requirements, so you’re better off getting the customized offerings directly from them.


4. Warranties

Many manufacturers offer warranties to back their products. By buying directly from them, you can be sure that the paint you’re getting is covered by the warranties provided. On the flip side, if you buy from a retailer or distributor, you can only enjoy the warranty if they are licensed by the manufacturer.

UCI Paints is your reliable specialized paints manufacturer in Florida

UCI Paints is an established, 3rd-generation family business with over 50 years of experience manufacturing and distributing only the finest quality coatings. Our paints are specially designed to withstand Florida’s weather — including long-term exposure to sunshine, humidity, and salt from the ocean. This makes our products also ideal for other areas with similar climate conditions, such as the Caribbean.

When you use UCI Paints, you can be sure that you are using products specifically designed to deliver quality results. To that end, we provide solid warranties to back our products. On top of that, we offer free delivery for all orders so you can get the specialty coatings you need without the hassles associated with logistics.

Want to see how well our paints will look on your building? Check out our Visualizer tool now. The process is simple, and you can usually view different paint styles and color variations in just a few clicks.

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