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Where to Use Paint with a Hard Shell Finish For Your Home
March 29, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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Not every type of paint offers the same durability. Some paints are more delicate than others and are prone to warping or discoloration. Especially in a humid, sunny environment like southern Florida.

But other paint finishes have rigid, tough, long-lasting durability that can withstand both the salt from the sea and the heat from the sun. In particular, paint types like enamel that have a hard shell finish can be trusted to last on particularly high-traffic interior surfaces of your home. Or element vulnerable exterior surfaces.

However, depending on a home’s structure and taste, you likely will want to use different types of paint to suit certain areas of your house. So, we’ve put together this guide to help you understand when it's best to use paints with a harder shell.

And if you’re planning to re-paint a condominium or your Homeowner’s Community, at UCI Paints, we specially manufacture and apply our own type of paint that is specifically designed to last in Florida.

Gloss, Flat, Eggshell, and Satin

As you begin searching for the right kind of paint for your home, you’re going to run into several terms to describe different paint finishes. Each kind has varying levels of durability, and therefore, unique uses.

Flat Paints

Flat or matte paint finishes are often used for low-traffic areas of a home such as ceilings or offices. These kinds of paints look bright and velvety and are great at hiding any wall imperfections. However, they have little durability and can scrub off during cleaning.

Eggshell Paints

Eggshell finishes are subtle, soft paint finishes that are easier to clean than flat paints, but aren’t as shiny as gloss paints. Eggshell is typically used in interior rooms like hallways and bedrooms.

Satin Paints

Satin paints are excellent paints for regular cleaning. Though, their glossiness more easily highlights cracks or wall divots.

Gloss Paints

The glossier a paint’s finish, the more durable it is. In particular, enamel paint has a high-gloss sheen that can be washed often and is incredibly resistant to wear. While semi-gloss paints are more durable than satin, eggshell, and flat paints, high-gloss paints are even more durable than semi-gloss. This makes them ideal for bathrooms, decks, doors, cabinets, and kitchens.

When to use gloss paints with hard shells

Enamel, while suitable for exterior parts of your home, can also be used for various other purposes.

Door casings

Door casings are essentially the frames that hold your door in place. As you can imagine, doors that are opened and closed frequently can have worn down the paint on their casing. What’s more, door casings can get dirtier faster. Therefore, painting a door casing with gloss paints is an ideal choice. The paint will last far longer and will be much easier to clean compared to eggshell, satin, or flat paints.

Additionally, painting doors themselves with glossier paints will keep your door’s paint finish safe from moisture and higher temperatures. All important factors in warm, humid areas.

Outdoor Furniture

If you keep patio furniture outside during the summer, their paint finish can determine how long they stay in good condition. Harder paints help prevent fading, create a moisture-resistant seal, and reflect away heat.

Window Trim

Window trims are likely to be exposed to the elements. After a while, not unlike door casings, they can warp, fade, and dull. Gloss paints are excellent at maintaining the appearance and stability of window trim.

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