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UCI's 8/10/12 Year Paint and Faulty Workmanship Warranty

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Warranty for Product 50-100
  • UCI'S 100% acrylic exterior top-of-the-line quality paints are designed to last in excess of 10 years in our tropical climate.

  • UCI formulates our paints to out-perform all other products for use in our tropical climate.

  • We intentionally “over build” our paints. We do not skimp on ingredients to save a few cents per gallon.

  • We only use the finest raw materials that offer superior performance, regardless of cost.

  • Our products are made to satisfy our main street customers, not to lessen quality. We are not beholden to increase stock holders' value and profits.

  • UCI’s superior product quality, durability, customer service, and industry leading faulty workmanship warranty is what sets us apart from the national brands.

National paint companies only warranty that their paint is made without defect. They do not warranty the job.

National brands do not inspect their customer’s work. They cannot and will not deny a contractor’s sub-standard use of their products.

We take pride in our products. Our customer’s 100% satisfaction is our goal.