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Suggested enamel paint uses for your South Florida home
August 11, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Suggested enamel paint uses for your South Florida home

Humidity can have a major impact on the state of your South Florida home. If certain areas of your home don’t have strong seals, they can allow moisture into the materials and the moisture in the air will make it difficult for them to dry completely. This can lead to the slow development of water damage. At UCI Paints, we have enamel paints that are meant to create a strong seal. We have recommendations of enamel paint uses for your home to protect it from exposure to moisture.


No room in your home is more at risk for water damage than your bathroom. From steamy showers to full bathtubs to regularly washing your hands, there are plenty of opportunities for water to get into the nooks and crannies of your bathroom. In addition to the normal humidity of the environment, steam from hot showers makes it difficult for your bathroom to ever completely dry out. This is why you’ll often find mold growing in your shower, on the ceiling, or in corners of the bathroom. Enamel paints will help to seal these areas to ensure that the moisture and mold aren’t able to get deep into the wood structure of the bathroom and cause water damage that’s expensive to repai