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August 9, 2021 at 10:00 PM
Hofbogen, Rotterdam The Netherlands

Moisture will then be able to migrate through the concrete and cause hydrostatic pressure (vapor) at the interface where the paint film meets the concrete. The tough hard finish of deck coatings will not allow this moisture (vapor) to pass through the paint film, and thus the pressure will force the paint away from the surface, causing loss of adhesion and peeling. When multiply coats of paint have been applied over the years the problem is accentuated.

When evaluating decks for repainting if any areas of peeling paint is pre-existing one can predict that the next coat of paint will cause the deck paint to peel even more.

In addition, if there are areas of ponding water accumulating on the slab, floor coatings are not formulated to be submerge under water. Floor coatings are not “swimming pool” paints andin areas where the water does not evaporate within a 24-hour period the paint may start to peel.

There comes a point in time with multiple coats of paint have been applied, the decks will need to be stripped down to original substrate. There are various types of processes that can be used to strip off the coating from a surface. Typically, wet sandblasting, or shot blasting will be the best and fastest method. An additional advantage to sand or shot blasting is that it will also give the concrete substrate a profile (rough surface).

NOTE: When applying any deck coating the sprinklers MUST be turned off 2 days prior to painting and two days after painting. DO NOT WASH DECKS FOR AT LEAST 30 DAYS AFTER APPLICATION.

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Please review excerpts from our floor paint warranty:

A deck coating is a wear product

expect normal wear and tear, abrasion, dirt collection, and stains, and scrapes.

This warranty does not apply to areas damaged by acts of God, vandalism, prior existing construction defects, prior coat delamination, hydro static pressure (lack of vapor barrier), abuse, negligence or settling or movement of building or foundation causing new stress cracks to appear causing water intrusion where the coating system is applied. It is understood that this is a performance coating system and that some wear is anticipated since the coating system is either being walked or driven on.

The following are some situations that are not covered under this warranty. The situation(s) noted are examples, and this listing is not intended to be exhaustive. Items may arise through the duration of this warranty that will be classified as part of these exclusions:

1. Wear patterns

2. Foreign matter staining

3. Scrapes & scratches from items dragged across coated surface.

4. Dirt tracked on coated surfaces

5. Cracks from movement of the buildings allowing water intrusion


Any claim against this warranty must be presented to UCI PAINTS by certified mail within 30 days after first being aware of the proposed failure. This agreement pertains only to the original owner (for whom the contractor has performed the work). All disputes will be settled according to Florida Law. Venue for all disputes will be Broward County, Florida. Each party will bear their own attorney's fees and costs. Repair or repainting of the specific area as provided under this Warranty is the exclusive remedy of the consumer.

UCI PAINTS, SHALL NOT BE LIABLE for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or implied warranty on this product except to the extent prohibited by applicable law. Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a purpose on this warranty is limited in duration to the duration of this Warranty.

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