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What are the most popular paint colors for Florida HOAs?
June 26, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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With warm weather and gorgeous beaches, it’s no wonder Florida has a reputation as a coastal paradise. Homes in the Sunshine State often reflect this aesthetic with Florida paint colors centered around the beach and the state’s natural aesthetics.

While most neighborhoods let you control your home’s color schemes, homeowners associations (HOAs) can restrict the paint colors used outside your house. It’s important to know what popular colors they may consider and how you can approach HOA management to ask.

Popular Florida HOA color schemes

Most of Florida’s popular color schemes revolve around neutral and bright colors that reflect the state’s tropical landscape. While your HOA may disapprove of bright blues and yellows, they may consider letting you opt for more popular neutral colors like beige, gray, and white.

These colors coordinate with any style and aesthetic your HOA may be going for and embrace the coastal lifestyle that Florida is famous for. Here’s a closer look into these three Florida paint colors worth considering for your home.


Classic colors like tan and beige are always a solid choice when painting your home in an HOA community. It pairs well with classic white and black trim and front doors in most colors.


Grays have been a popular exterior paint color for the last decade. It’s often a welcoming color choice for house exteriors as it complements stonework and wood trim.


White as an exterior home color will never go out of style. You can pair it with almost any trim, front door colors, and landscaping.

Tips for choosing the best paint color for your HOA

The most popular Florida paint colors may work for any ordinary home, but your HOA community will have the final say on any color you choose.

Here are a few tips that may be helpful as you decide on the new paint color for your house.

Contact your HOA manager before choosing an HOA paint color

The best way to start choosing exterior paint colors for your home in an HOA community is to speak with your HOA property manager. While we mentioned this above, it’s worth repeating as every significant decision must go through them and the HOA board. Knowing what colors are allowed upfront can save you any major headaches and potential fines.

Ask your neighbors for guidance

It’s always worth speaking with your neighbors to see what ideas they may have in mind. They may have the inside scoop on best practices and ways to get colors approved by your HOA, especially if they’ve recently painted their home.

Consult with a professional painting company

Before you begin painting your house, consider consulting an HOA contractor. They can help you with any regulations and rules you may run into and make your home look great. With an HOA contractor, you can also expect to never run afoul with choosing the wrong paint color as they are often provided with approved color schemes by each HOA community.

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