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Maintaining Exterior Grade Acrylic Latex Paint
July 21, 2021 at 4:00 AM
Learn how to maintain exterior grade acrylic latex paint.

UCI'S 100% exterior grade acrylic latex paint will last in excess of 7 years on exterior walls. Roof and decks require re-coating more frequently. But the real question is, "will the painted surface look aesthetically pleasing?'

UCI Paint is formulated with a very high degree of dirt and mildew resistance. However, due to atmospheric conditions, carbon, and other contaminants based on the profile of the surface, such as rough stucco or parapet and tops of walls, some degree of dirt will stick. This dirt accumulation will enhance the growth of Mildew & Algae, a given in our climate.

It is this dirtying and mildewing that can make a paint film appear to be worn when in fact, there are many more years of life remaining. Painted decks are particularly subjected to wear and tear, dirt accumulation, and foreign matter staining.

Many people feel that washing a painted surface with only a hose or even with a LIGHT pressure cleaning should clean a surface. However, did you ever try washing your car, clothes, etc., without the use of a detergent or sanitizing cleanser? Of course not! Then why shouldn't you use a detergent or other chemical to clean dirt or contamination off of a surface with exte