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How to Use Enamel Paint to Fix Fading, Bubbling, or Peeling
September 28, 2021 at 9:30 PM
For exteriors that need to withstand the sun and salt of Florida, learn how to use enamel paint.

Living in a tropical climate, you get used to being the envy of the Northern Hemisphere every winter. But the trade-off is you deal with inconveniences that don’t exist in other parts of the country: unrelenting humidity, sunshine, and hurricane season. Traditional building materials don’t hold up to tropical moisture and UV exposure. Latex paint has risen in popularity in recent years because of its low VOC and environmental friendliness. But the formula that makes it easy to use also makes it prone to fading, bubbling and peeling in Florida’s humid atmosphere. Enamel paint takes a little more time and skill to use but will look better longer than latex. Here are some of our best tips for how to use enamel paint.

Work slowly

Part of why water-based latex paint has risen in popularity in recent years is because it’s faster to apply and quick to dry. Enamel paint provides better protection for external surfaces, but it also readily shows mistakes from the process. To get enamel paint to look its best, take your time with every step of the process.

  1. Make sure the surface to be painted is immaculate–dirt, dust, and debris will show in the final product of the painted surface.
  2. Use a primer to ensure good adhesion between the enamel paint and the exterior surface you’re painting. Don’t rush this step since streaks and unevenness will show through the paint.
  3. Be patient while painting, using fluid strokes or a sprayer to get even, complete coverage.

Taking a little extra time preparing and applying enamel paint goes a long way towards the final product’s appearance.

Use high-quality products

If you decide on enamel paint for your exterior, don’t use cheap or off-brand products. Everything from the quality of the primer to the paintbrushes can affect the final appearance of the paint surface.

Use non-synthetic, brand-name brushes that won’t shed while you’re using them, or rent a paint sprayer to get a pristine paint surface. Spending the extra money on products will help your enamel paint look better and prevent bubbling and peeling after it dries.

Schedule your project during the right time of year

Water-based paints can dry within hours, but enamel takes a lot longer: from eight to 24 hours. Scheduling your paint project for the right time of year can help lessen the drying time and prevent bubbling or peeling because of rain before it’s dry.

Late winter, before hurricane season, has the lowest humidity. Scheduling exterior paint for March gives your new enamel paint a chance to dry and cure before it’s put to the test by the humidity and precipitation of summer.

Hire experienced contractors

There are plenty of opportunities for error in using enamel paint for the first time. While you can set yourself up for success by being methodical and using high-quality products, entrusting your property to experienced professionals ensures it’ll look great.

UCI Paints has perfected a Florida-specific paint formula over the past fifty years and provides contractor referrals to professionals who have the experience and expertise to apply it. We also offer on-site inspections to make sure there’s no bubbling, peeling, or fading after the job’s done.

UCI Paints knows how to use enamel paint in Florida’s climate–our formula handles humidity, salt, sun, and rain.

We’re third-generation paint professionals who saw how brand-name exterior paints couldn’t stand up to Florida’s climate. For the past 50 years, we’ve been fine-tuning our formula to create paints that would hold up to the tropical climate, including sun, salt, humidity––even hurricanes. The result is vibrant colors that protect homes and businesses and look good years after the competition fades. We offer factory-direct products, contractor referrals, and on-site inspections to ensure your exterior gets a quality product but quality craftsmanship to go along with it.

You don’t have to learn how to use enamel paint to get a great