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How specialized tropical paint protect your Florida home
November 8, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How specialized tropical paint protect your Florida home

When you live in a climate that’s hot and humid like Florida, it’s important that you protect your home from the heat and moisture. Homes in environments that have high humidity often have difficulty drying after a heavy rain, which can lead to water damage. At UCI Paints, we’ve engineered specialized tropical paint in Florida to combat such issues because we know how troublesome it can be for your home. If you’ve never considered using a special paint for the heat and humidity that we deal with in the area, we have four great reasons why you should.

Mildew- and algae-resistant

It doesn’t take much moisture for mildew and algae to start growing on your wood siding. All you need is a small area where the water soaks into the wood, warmth, and some time. This can be a dangerous combination that eventually leads to severe rot as mildew and algae grow in the wood, which weakens the structure and spreads from siding to the framing of your home. You can avoid this by applying specialized paint that’s resistant to the effects of mildew and algae so it doesn’t grow on the side of your house and compromise the integrity of its structure.

Withstand humid climate

It’s important to keep in mind that those who live in the humidity of Florida aren’t going to use the same paint on their homes as people who live in the incredibly dry climate of Arizona. This is because the paint that’s not properly equipped for exposure to humidity can wear out and peel prematurely. Paint that’s been formulated to be wet nearly all the time because of high humidity can handle the punishment that comes with constant moisture. This ensures that you have a paint that has a longer life than average and won’t need to be replaced in the next two or three years.

Creates a moisture seal

An important part of ensuring that your wood siding doesn’t sustain water damage is creating a tight seal. Broken, cracked, or bubbling paint will put your siding at risk of water penetrating into the material and developing mold and or mildew. It’s not uncommon for some materials like paint to have microscopic holes in them that allow moisture through. This is typical as it allows the material to expand and contract with temperature changes. Paint with a strong moisture seal will keep your siding protected while allowing the material to expand and contract as needed.

Insulate siding from heat

No matter what the outside air temperature is, the outside of your house is going to take the full heat of the sun nearly every day in Florida. You’ll notice that even if it’s a relatively cool day outside, your house is going to be warm to the touch. This is the result of heat transfer from solar heat. Our region averages 250 sunny days every year, which means that there’s rarely a break for your home when it comes to sun exposure. Insulating paint can help to keep the inside of your home cooler by reflecting some of the heat that comes with so much sunlight. This will help with your cooling bills and ensure that your home stays more comfortable.

Reach out to learn more

Don’t use average paint to protect your home from the harsh tropical climate of Florida. Get in touch with our team at UCI Paints to learn more about our specialized tropical paint in Florida so you can be confident that you won’t have to worry about normal wear and tear on your paint and the materials of your home. Give us a call today at 954-581-6060 to speak with a member of our team about our paints that have been specially engineered for the climate. You can also send a message via our online contact form.