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How often should South Florida residents paint their homes?
November 8, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How often should South Florida residents paint their homes?

The hot and humid climate of South Florida can be brutal on the paint on your house. Furthermore, the constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays can be punishing to the paint and materials it’s protecting. This is why you must use specific Florida paints when you repaint your home.

At UCI Paints, one common question we get is, “How often should I repaint my home?” While most paints will last seven years, you can get premium paint that will last longer. However, there are a few signs that will tell you more specifically when it’s time to paint. Read this brief guide to learn more about what to look for with the paint on your home so you know when you need to put down some fresh paint.

Cracked, flaking, or bubbling paint

South Florida weather conditions can be pretty harsh on your home. Heat, humidity, and intense sun exposure are a recipe for destroying many things and the paint on your house is no different. You might notice that your paint is starting to crack, flake, or bubble as it ages. Paint that does this isn’t going to provide your stucco or wood siding with the protection that it needs from the elements because the seal has been