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How to find HOA paint contractors in Fort Lauderdale, FL
June 28, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How to find HOA paint contractors in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Working with an HOA when trying to paint your house can be laborious and cumbersome. From choosing the right paint colors to getting approvals from the HOA board, you want to work with somebody who knows how to work with the HOA. At UCI Paints, we have HOA paint contractors in Fort Lauderdale, FL who are well-versed in what it takes to make sure that your home is compliant with the regulations in your neighborhood.

Someone who will contact your HOA

If you’re considering painting your home, it’s important to work directly with your HOA so you don’t have to pay to have it repainted. When working with your HOA, it can be frustrating to be the messenger when going back and forth to let the contractor know what colors can be used on your home and where. Hire a contractor who’s willing to contact your HOA directly to find out approved colors and styles for your home. This will save you a ton of time, effort, and money in the end.

Someone who will help you select paint colors

Once your contractor has a list of the allowable colors for your home, they should help you choose what’s best for your home. A paint contractor is an expert in the industry who has a strong understanding of what colors provide the highest level of curb appeal for your home as well as the ability to either stand out or blend in, depending on what you would like your home to do.

It’s also important to consider the resale value of your home when choosing a paint color for your house. Whether you’re planning on selling your home in the coming months or several years down the road, the color of your house will play a large role in whether you get the offer from a buyer that you’re looking for as prospective buyers might try to lowball you in an effort to offset the costs of repainting for themselves. A contractor will help you decide on your paint color with the future in mind.

Someone who will get approval

Changes to your home often need to be approved by your HOA before you can complete the project. This is true with landscaping and is often the case when painting your house. Your HOA paint contractor should ensure that you have the necessary approvals prior to beginning your project. There is often paperwork that needs to be filled out and filed so your HOA knows exactly what color is being used, how it will be applied, and how it fits into your neighborhood. If your project is completed without the approval of your HOA, you could be required to repaint.

Someone who’s licensed

Licensed paint contractors are often more costly than those who aren’t, but they’re also much more likely to back up their work. At UCI Paints, we work with licensed paint contractors who are trustworthy and back their work. While we provide a workmanship warranty, we encourage you to work with a contractor who will provide you with a high level of confidence in their ability to adhere to the unique requirements of your HOA.

Contact UCI Paints for a contractor

If you need help finding HOA paint contractors in Fort Lauderdale, FL, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today. UCI Paints works with reputable contractors local to the area so they are not only well-versed in HOA standards but also understand the importance of proper paint application in the South Florida climate. Give us a call today or send a message to get started.