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Find Reliable Palm Beach Paint Contractors with a Referral
September 28, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of an incredible home exterior because the owners used a paint contractor referral in Palm Beach, FL.

If there’s one thing more stressful than trying to DIY an exterior painting job, it’s finding a reliable painting contractor. You don’t have to look hard to find online reviews claiming “I’d give 0 stars if I could.” Or, just overhear someone complaining about a nightmare situation with their contractor while running errands. But how do you know those online reviewers or people in line at the coffee shop aren’t unreasonable? How can you tell which paint contractors are reliable versus which customers aren’t? You can eliminate stress in your search by getting a Palm Beach, FL, paint contractor referral from someone in the industry with an objective and honest opinion.

Get a paint contractor referral from an industry insider.

The internet is a powerful aggregate for commercial painting contractors in your area. Still, you can’t always trust what you read online. Reviews might be curated or even paid for and published depending on the site where you’re reading them. It’s hard to find clear-eyed opinions about the reliability and professionalism of a painting company.

Going to industry insiders––like paint manufacturers––is the best way to get a reliable paint contractor referral in Palm Beach, FL. They will only trust the best craftspeople with their product, who will represent their brand in the best light. At UCI Paints, we provide our customers with exterior paint products and exceptional contractors to apply them.

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Meet with the contractor for a consultation.

Contractors who give quotes or agree to a job unseen without getting details about the property, it’s unlikely they can provide you with an accurate quote or timeline for the work. You may end up paying more than you expect or waiting weeks for them to finish the project.

When a contractor comes to your property for a consultation, they’ll take measurements, get additional details and see the extent of the job to give an accurate quote and timeline.

Compare several estimates.

It’s always worth it to meet with several contractors for estimates. You’ll get an idea of the industry-standard rate for the project. Don’t automatically go with the lowest bid, however. Consider the amount of experience each contractor has, their timelines for completion, and how well they communicate with you.

Using Palm Beach paint contractor referrals from UCI Paints ensures everyone you meet with will provide you with honest, accurate estimates.

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Ask for testimonials from prior clients.

Reliable paint contractors should have a long list of happy clients that you can reach out to for a testimonial. Ask about their experience with the contractor, so you know what to expect. Also, ask about the paint brand they used on their exterior, how long ago they repainted, and how the paint looks today.

UCI Paints provides high-quality exterior paint and reliable paint contractor referrals in Palm Beach, FL.

For the past 50 years, UCI Paints has specialized in high-quality exterior paints formulated for Florida’s unique tropical climate. Our building exteriors withstand salt air, unrelenting sun, and high humidity. When our founder, Sy Devick, moved to South Florida from New Jersey in 1969, he saw right away that the paint used in the north would never survive in Florida.

Since Sy’s first architectural coatings for exteriors, we’ve continued to fine-tune our products. They look better for longer, no matter what Florida weather throws at them. In recent years, we realized the second part of what we needed to produce high-quality results for our customers––professional application. We provide paint contractor referrals in Palm Beach, FL, to provide businesses with everything they need for incredible-looking exteriors that will last for years.