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Can you use satin paint on stucco?
July 25, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Blue paint being rolled onto an empty white wall with an extended paint roller

Are you getting ready to paint your home? If you are, you may be asking yourself whether you can use satin paint on stucco. The answer is straightforward: no. These two paint types just don’t mix, which is what we’ll explain below.

At UCI Paints, we offer a variety of interior and exterior painting services for homes, condominiums, and homeowners associations throughout Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Our products are guaranteed under warranty to withstand the harsh effects of our climate’s tropical sun, heat, humidity, moisture, mildew, and algae.

Below, you’ll find a full explanation of satin paint, when you should use it, and why it does not mix well with stucco exteriors.

What is satin paint?

Satin paint is an easy-to-clean, durable sheen that lets a paint color fully show through. This paint is glossier than eggshell finish paint but flatter than semi-gloss paint. It falls directly in the middle of interior and exterior paint sheens.

When should you use satin paint?

Satin paints work best for applications where cleanability and durability are essential. The paint can be used on select low-impact surfaces such as doors, windows, door casings, and window trim. It also works well in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, offices, and finished basements. If you want to avoid reflection, do not use satin paint on walls that receive a lot of direct sunlight.

Benefits of satin paint

Here are some of the benefits of using satin paint:

  • Cleanability: Satin paint is an excellent choice for bedrooms and kitchens because it’s easy to clean. The paint’s tight pores mean that markers, dirt, and liquids clean off better than flatter paints.
  • Multi-surface application: Satin paint is a type of paint that can be used for different kinds of surfaces.
  • Easier application: Satin paint applies quickly to any surface. It only takes about an hour to dry in optimal conditions. And as long you brush or roll off a wet edge, lap marks are not likely to appear.

Why should you not use satin paint on stucco?

High gloss paints like satin paint do not have the same efficacy as stucco. Painting stucco with high gloss paints highlights irregularities, which is the last thing you should want when it comes to stucco. If there are cracks or dings in your stucco, satin paint will highlight them. And because of the hot Florida sun, satin paint will cause a reflection off the stucco walls because of direct sunlight.

Additionally, you should avoid all oil-based paints when painting stucco exteriors. Oil paints do not breathe like water-based coatings. Moisture within your home should be able to evaporate through the exterior walls, and choosing an oil-based paint will hamper this process, causing bubbling and peeling paint.

Best alternatives for stucco paint

If you are painting your stucco on the exterior of your home, you should consider using paint with a flat finish. A flat finish has significantly less sheen, reducing the light's reflection on the paint and therefore shadowing.

Reach out to a trusted paint professional

With over 50 years in the business, UCI Paints is the company to trust with your painting projects in Florida. Not only do we offer a variety of high-quality, enamel-based paints to choose from, but we also provide a 100% workmanship warranty to back our work.

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