UCI Customer Testimonials

 Bellaggio Residents Association, Inc. – “I was given the responsibility to spear head the repainting committee of the Bellaggio single family home community which consists of 1099 homes, plus common area clubhouses.

I evaluated paints from all major suppliers in regards to durability and overall performance and found UCI to be superior.

My committee looked at numerous communities that were repainted in the Boynton Beach area and UCI PAINTS held up far superior to the nationally known brand names.

What UCI told us about the paint being specifically made for use in the tropics was really true. Their paints held the finish and color much better that their competitors.

We inspected homes painted in the four year old range and the UCI looked as good as when they were first painted. The nationally known products were beginning to deteriorate from the strong tropical sun.

Based upon the “field trips” our committee made our recommendation. The Board was unanimously decided in favor of UCI PAINTS.

The first homes that were painted are now two years old and they look as good as the day they were painted.

UCI also has a dedicated inspector that was on site several times every week and was present when we walked the completed homes. The main purpose of this was for UCI to give us warranty.

UCI did everything they committed to do. All the people at UCI were a pleasure to work with. I found them to be cooperative, committed in there work and always showed respect.

In the near future Bellaggio has decided to use UCI for all projects (i.e.) perimeter walls and the next house painting scheduled for 2013.”


Bert Grossman, VP
Bellaggio Resident Association, Inc.

 Deauville Village Condominium Association, Inc. – “UCI Paint has been supplying paints to my communities since 1985.

I have used them extensively on Abbey Village (4 times), Deauville Village (3 times), International Club (3 times) and Evergreen (twice). All of these are in the Villages of Oriole.

As the management company they have always made us look good. To date we have a community that is over seven years old and the paint has not even started to chalk.

They make the perfect paint for our climate.

I would recommend them to any community that wants the best paint with more importantly superior and a detailed inspection process.

Very truly yours,
Arnold Katz, LCAM
Phoenix Management Services, Inc.
For the Board of Administration
Deauville Village Condominium Association

Milton Blau, President
Deauville Village Condo Assn.”

Tamarind Village Homeowners Association, Inc. – “Tamarind Village HOA used UCI Paint in our previous project 7 years ago. We were impressed with the high quality of the product and chose to use UCI for the repainting of the 178 properties in the Village this year.

We thank Stan Cohen for working closely with the Board of Directors’ Paint Committee. He freely gave his advice and his time matching color selections. He was diligent in inspecting the work weekly to insure proper preparation and application. He was always available to answer any questions or concerns.

The finished job has earned kudos from our homeowners and visitors. The Village looks fresh and colorful. The Board of Directors and Paint Committee members are very pleased and look forward to working with UCI again.”

Ramona A. Johnston, President
Rochelle Randazzo, Vice President

Longwood Village HOA-

November 1, 2015

Hello Richard,

My name is Cathy and I am the President of Longwood Village HOA

As you know Melissa has been working with us to finalize paint colors, coordinate the selection of vendor,  and begin our painting project.

When I say “working with us” the phrase falls far short of accuracy.

Melissa has gone beyond my or our expectations and made this event far less painful than it could or should have been.

She is efficient, courteous, professional, available practically all the time, helpful, detail oriented, flexible, and somehow was able to  maintain a sense of humor.

You have an incredible employee in her and we are ever so grateful.

Thanks for having such a great asset.



 Plaza East. – “The undersigned Community Association Manager was employed as Manager of Plaza East, 4300 North Ocean Boulevard, from 2001 until 2006. This 21 story ocean front hi rise building had been painted only a few years before but was in drastic need of painting and waterproofing. There was extensive water penetration through the walls and peeling all over the structure.

Some paint suppliers told me that the problem was so bad that the only solution was to sandblast or chemically strip the entire building. Others sent me a set of specifications which were obviously not prepared based upon the particular problems of our building. UCI sent a team to Plaza East to inspect and prepare recommendations. They prepared a set of specifications to use as the basis of bid solicitations from painting contractors. These specifications were customized to deal with our particular needs and were not prepared on a rote basis. They proposed a solution which did not require expensive sandblasting or chemical stripping.

After the contract was let UCI provided on-site inspection of the job being done by the painting contractor to ensure that their specifications were being complied with and provided me with written inspection reports. The materials they supplied proved to be of the finest quality. When the job was finished the building looked better than it had for many years. Problems of water penetration were solved and when I left Plaza East some three years after completion of the work there was absolutely no peeling problem. I have been to Plaza East many times after I left to visit acquaintances and observe that the paint has worn exceptionally well with no observable peeling problems.

I recommend UCI without hesitation as a local manufacturer who has the knowledge and products to ensure a long lasting quality job backed by years of experience.”

Sincerely yours,
Wilfredo Lopez

 Ponte Vecchio Homeowner’s Association, Inc. – “As chairman of our community’s painting committee, I’ve had the pleasure of working with you for the past twenty months.

Before the project began, my committee researched the top five painting contractors that specialize in community repainting in Palm Beach County. While interviewing the five, I learned that they all preferred, and suggested our community use UCI Paints as our supplier. My committee met with a representative of your company and came away convinced that we should use UCI Paints.

UCI did everything that they committed to do. The on-site inspector was there regularly to oversee the quality of the paint and it’s application. There was a final walk-thru on every group of homes completed.

The community repainting began in October, 2005. As the project moved forward we realized that we’ll be able the increase the time between repainting; because of the quality of UCI Paints’ product. We’re very satisfied with UCI Paints and highly recommend them. They are the professional company for community repainting in South Florida.

I look forward to our continuing relationship on future repainting projects.”

Very truly yours,
Marvin Berger
Chairman, Ponte Vecchio Painting Committee

Sunrise Lakes Condominium Apartments – Phase II – “I was introduced to UCI PAINTS in 1998 after scrutinizing the major paint manufacturers. Based upon their presentation demonstrating extensive repaint knowledge, field inspections and complete repaint program, they were approved to be the paint supplier of choice for this large repainting process (93 2 and 3 story building, 3,245 units).

UCI then proceeded to spearhead the entire repainting process. Having numerous meetings with the Boards in order to tweak the detailed painting specifications, hold pre-bid meetings with the painting contractor and Boards to make sure that everything was clear on what was expected of the bidders. Their presence and expertise saved our Boards and me a lot of time so that we could work on other important Association issues. They had our total confidence and in essence, were our painting consultants or repaint administrators. All of this serve was at no cost to the community.

UCI did everything they committed to do. They had their field inspector out several times a week to ensure proper preparation and application of their materials.

The painting process of the entire property took about two years to complete. The consistency of their product was incredible. As promised, we continue to be able to reasonably touch up area on an as needed basis.

The superior quality and longevity of their paint has held up even after Hurricane Wilma. No peeling or failures have been noted. We have also followed their suggestions of periodic maintenance cleanings.

UCI will have my recommendation the next time we repaint and I can whole-heartedly recommend their products and service. The present paint job is 10 years old and still looks good.

Please feel free to call me if you have any further questions.

Yours truly,
Jack Radosta, C.A.M.

January 28, 2016




To Whom It May Concern:



My community used UCI Paints for its re-paint in 2006.  It is now 2016 and the paint still looks great.  Over the last ten years we have purchased almost 30 gallons of paint for maintenance touch-ups and we have never had an issue with color matching.  Next year we plan on re-painting once again and we will definitely be using UCI Paints to be our supplier.





Anthony Cerniglia


Steeplechase at Eagle Trace Condominium

Coral Springs, Florida

Camino Woods II –

February 25, 2016


“Dear Sir,


At the Annual Meeting  of the Camino Woods II Homeowners Association, earlier this month, the members and residents of Camino Woods II would like to thank you and UCI paints for the invaluable service provided by Melissa Goupee during our project for repainting our homes.


Melissa’s advice and guidance were greatly appreciated and the color schemes suggested met with the approval of our whole community.


Yours Sincerely,


Fred D. Crane
Treasurer and Paint Project Coordinator