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Why A H.O.A. Should Paint As An Association

Please review the following information on the virtues of painting as an association in lieu of painting individually. Homeowner Associations may have their Condominium Documents set up whereby the painting is to be done on an individual basis rather than as a group or as an association. However, based on the following, some communities have decided to change the documents to painting as an association.
One main disadvantage in painting individually is the time and aggravation the board and management company has in monitoring and enforcing your neighbors to paint in a timely fashion. The board does not have to become the “PAINT POLICE.”

Assured of uniform colors and consistency

Currently, there may be 5 or 6 existing color schemes or packages that are approved by the Architectural committee. As each homeowner goes to match these colors by utilizing different paints and/or painting contractors it is not uncommon that a variation in the colors and shades, from company to company, that there now may be 15 different colors as each paint company can produce a different shade of the same color. With UCI Paints, the color consistency will be the same throughout the community.

Assured of using top-quality paints with a IRON CLAD warranty

The quality of paints used may vary and may not be top-grade coating if you are painting individually. The paint may weather prematurely and the association’s appearance may be overall degraded by inferior paints. In addition, the preparation procedures and workmanship by the contractor may not conform to industry standards. The homeowners may have to repaint twice in the normal cycle of 5 to 7 years, meaning that it may cost the homeowner additional money over the life span of a paint job.

With UCI Paints, you are assured of top-quality paints, and we will monitor the painter’s preparation and application procedures and issue an iron clad seven year labor and material warranty. The association is assured of a responsible party to back up the warranty.

Assured of using licensed and insured contractors

When painting on an individual basis no one company can be held accountable for the costly expense of painting. Possibly a “handyman” may be hired to paint and he may not be properly licensed or insured. If an accident happens on community property the liability may fall back to the association. Although using a professional contractor may cost more than a “fly by night painter”, the benefits of accountability, insurance, and hassle-free service will cost less in the long run in, both in dollars and headaches.

UCI Paints will recommend only licensed and insured, reputable painting contractors with verifiable workmen’s compensation and liability insurance.

Overall property values will remain high as a “BEAUTIFUL” community

Painting as an association can also afford the community various options included in which is periodic maintenance cleanings for walls and roofs.

Communities that maintain their exterior appearance generally have better re-sale values than those that have a weathered, run-down appearance.