The Effects of Color Selection

The Effects of Color Selection

Color selection is extremely important in achieving long-term durability and fade resistance, particularly in our sub Tropical climate.


Top-quality paints have excellent hiding power or opacity. However, certain colors of  “organic” pigments when added to paint for the creation of specific colors are naturally transparent.  Examples of transparent paint pigments include Hansa Yellow and Perylene Red which are used to make bright yellows and pinks.  When these transparent pigments are dispersed in paint, their particles become spaced between the particles of titanium dioxide.  This reduces the opacity of the dried film.  Essentially, this means that a can of white paint may provide one-coat hide or coverage, until an additional pigment is added which reduces the ability of the paint to cover or hide.


Certain colored pigments are inherently more durable than others.  The more durable pigments come from naturally occurring sources and are termed “inorganic.”  The less durable pigments are man-made (synthetic) and are termed “organic”.  Organic pigments are used to create clean, bright colors. Organic pigments are not durable in our tropical climate and should be avoided on exterior applications, as they are prone to fading. Inorganic pigments (oxides) are extremely durable and fade resistant. They are excellent for exterior application. When a color is made using organic and inorganic pigments in combination, the color changes tone during weathering as the less-durable organic pigment fades at a faster rate than the more durable inorganic pigment. INORGANIC PIGMENTS HAVE BETTER OPACITY AND FADE RESISTANCE.

In general, it is best to avoid certain shades of pink, peach, salmon, yellow, oranges, blues and greens for exterior use.  These colors are among those which tend to require more coats to cover and fade faster.


UCI Paint personnel are available for assistance in selecting colors which are durable for exterior use in our tropical climate.

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