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UCI’s Exterior Repainting and Waterproofing Program

UCI Paints (Union Chemical Industries) recognizes that condominium and homeowner associations have special needs and problems in maintaining the exteriors of their buildings, particularly in our sub-tropical climate.

Management companies and Condominium Boards are faced with increasingly complex responsibilities to their unit owners in making prudent and cost effective decisions concerning the maintenance and repainting or waterproofing of the exterior of their communities.


We are the experts when it comes to evaluating your property and writing painting or waterproofing specifications that will give you years of durability and protection. We are your best asset when we can generate painting specifications and then suggest reputable painting contractors that will perform the work in a professional expeditious manner according to the established specification procedures. Competitive bidding based on “apples to apples:’ detailed specifications and using only top of the line coatings almost always results in the most cost effective paint job.

When UCI Paints is involved you will be insured of a top quality “hassle free” painting process. We monitor the painting process from commencement to completion. We then issue an unprecedented warranty that will include workmanship, not just defective paint.

When you work with UCI Paints you are assured of uncompromised quality, service, and long term coating performance. Our superior paints in conjunction with an industry leading rigid on site ongoing inspection of the work in process makes UCI Paints your logical choice for all your painting or waterproofing needs.

UCI Paints has been supplying our coatings in Florida since 1970. We manufacture our paints and coatings exclusively to withstand the effects of our harsh tropical climate conditions. We formulate our products using only the finest raw ingredients from the Nations top chemical companies.

We specialize in preparing painting & waterproofing specifications for condominiums, apartments and homeowner associations.
We specify only our finest quality top line paints. Some of our competitors do not suggest the use of their best materials. They match pricing points not paint quality.
In the manufacturing of your paint, we produce the color in one large batch rather than tinting the paint in five-gallon pails. This assures you of color consistency throughout the job. In addition, we use grind in colorants that are more durable than the liquid type used in paint store operations.
We keep factory retains of your colors and document them in our computer system for future reference. This enables us to maintain accurate color records for subsequent touch up needs as they may arise.
We automatically open an account for your community in the event that you need any maintenance paint. It is not necessary to send someone to a retail store and waste time waiting for your paint. You can avoid all the hassles since we will deliver your paint to your door within a 24-hour period.
Last, but not least, we prove the quality of our paints and organization by offering a REAL PAINT WARRANTY that includes WORKMANSHIP. Since we are local, and have the control to inspect the work as it progresses, we are able to warranty the workmanship. All other paint manufacturer’s warranties apply only if the material is proven to be defective. We avoid the judgment calls and finger pointing. Our warranty is all-inclusive. If you have a problem, we are there to help you through it.