About UCI Paints

UCI Paints was a dream of founder, Sy Devick, who began manufacturing Lacquers and other industrial coatings in East Patterson, New Jersey . The lure of living in Florida with its warm tropical climate convinced Sy to pick up and move his family to South Florida in 1969. As a paint manufacturer up north, he knew he needed a different chemical composition for his paints to combat the mildew, algae and tropical climate that he wanted to live in.

In 1970 he began manufacturing “trade sales or architectural coatings” in Fort Lauderdale, formulated specially to out perform National brand paints not made for use in the tropics. In 1977, Richard Devick, Sy’s son, joined the company and since that point has built an outstanding reputation for manufacturing the finest quality coatings for Florida ‘s unique climate.

UCI Paints is your hometown paint company. In an age of consolidations, when bigger gets bigger and brand names seem to dominate, UCI Paints maintains its market share and loyal customer base by manufacturing the finest quality paints and coatings that will out perform all other paints in our harsh tropical climate and with old fashion “hometown” hands on service.

We have succeeded in uniting the old-fashioned way of doing business, with state-of-the-art technology, rigid quality control standards, and ultimately customer satisfaction. This has made UCI Paints one of the regions leading paint manufacturers of top-quality architectural coatings, waterproofing systems and high-performance deck coating since 1970.

Most of the high profile large professional painting contractors prefer UCI PAINTS. Our services include contractor referrals, professional written painting specifications, full-time on site paint inspector(s) that assures the adherence of the specified products and workmanship procedures. Our hands on service, quality products, and on-site inspections allow us to offer the only true long -term paint warranty that includes material and application failures.