For over 40 years UCI has manufactured the finest quality and longest lasting paints made exclusively for South Florida’s harsh climate.

Finest Quality Paints

Mildew and algae resistant paints with a proven 10 year exterior durability paint warranties which include “Faulty Application.”


That will safely clean mildew & algae contaminated roofs without the use of bleach or chlorine. No harmful toxins or damaging pressure cleaning!

Quality Assurance

We prove the quality of our paints and organization by offering a REAL PAINT WARRANTY that includes Labor, Material, and FAULTY WORKMANSHIP.

ONLY the Best

We will recommend only licensed and insured, reputable painting contractors with verifiable workmen’s compensation and liability insurance.


Manufacturing Top Quality Paints and Coatings

UCI Paints is your hometown paint company. In an age of consolidations, when bigger gets bigger and brand names seem to dominate, UCI Paints maintains its market share and loyal customer base by manufacturing the finest quality paints and coatings that will out perform all other paints in our harsh tropical climate and with old fashion “hometown” hands on service.

Our Mission

The goal of UCI Paints is to manufacture the finest top-quality paints and coatings chemically engineered for use in our Florida Climate. Our products are superior and with our decades of local knowledge and experience and our ironclad coating warranties enables us to achieve our main objective of total customer satisfaction.


We proudly support:



  • UCI Paint has been supplying paints to my communities since 1985. I have used them extensively on Abbey Village (4 times), Deauville Village (3 times), International Club (3 times) and Evergreen (twice). All of these are in the Villages of Oriole. As the management company they have always made us look good. To date, we have a community that is over seven years old and the paint has not even started to chalk…..”


  • Longwood Village HOA-
    Hello Richard,
    My name is Cathy and I am the President of Longwood Village HOA
    As you know Melissa has been working with us to finalize paint colors, coordinate the selection of vendor, and begin our painting project. When I say “working with us” the phrase falls far short of accuracy. Melissa has gone beyond my or our expectations and made this event far less painful than it could or should have been. She is efficient, courteous, professional, available practically all the time, helpful, detail oriented, flexible, and somehow was able to maintain a sense of humor.
    You have an incredible employee in her and we are ever so grateful. Thanks for having such a great asset.
    Regards, Cathy

  • My community used UCI Paints for its re-paint in 2006. It is now 2016 and the paint still looks great. Over the last ten years we have purchased almost 30 gallons of paint for maintenance touch-ups and we have never had an issue with color matching. Next year we plan on re-painting once again and we will definitely be using UCI Paints to be our supplier.

    Anthony Cerniglia